PROJECTtouch is a community-based not-for-profit corporation that provides counseling, education and flexible intervention services to at-risk youth and their families.

The mission of PROJECTtouch is to provide a supportive environment in which teens and pre-teens can strengthen their self-understanding, build self-esteem, and develop positive attitudes and lifestyles before behavior becomes destructive.  

Youth face increasing demands to make adult choices before they have developed sound adult judgment. We focus on preventing and intervening in bad choices while leading youth to a wide selection of positive choices and paths that are the marks of successful adults.
In addition to intervention resource support, individual, group and family counseling, PROJECTtouch offers educational and social enrichment programs, support groups, wilderness and recreational activities and other services essential to successful individual and family development.

In its over thirty-five year history, PROJECTtouch has offered services to youth and their families that have proven to be low-cost alternatives to hospitalization, foster care and other placements outside the home.  

PROJECTtouch’s many integrated programs have the same goal - to support youth in their journey toward becoming independent adults who make healthy choices.
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